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Cloud-native development

The way you implement cloud technology has a major impact on the benefits it can unlock for your scaling business. This is underlined by the annual State of DevOps report which shows a clear link between elite performance, characterised by speedy yet stable software delivery, and cloud-native architectures. 

 Cloud-native is best understood as a spectrum, encompassing three continually evolving principles: 

  • Infrastructure automation 
  • Application architecture 
  • Cloud-provider managed services (with associated lock–in) 

 A cloud-native approach fosters ongoing modernisation, which in turn facilitates adaptiveness. Both factors are critical to success in the digital economy.  

 Our cloud consulting and engineering services are geared towards this way of working. We’ll help you achieve more and remain relevant in an everchanging world

Best practice architecture reviews

Cloud platforms evolve so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with new releases. For a scaling business that needs to embrace the full potential of modern cloud environments, this poses a real problem. Over time, it can compromise business performance, leading to competitive disadvantage and heightened vulnerability.  

In recognition of this, leading cloud providers AWS and Azure have released architectural framework guidance. It means you can benchmark your system against proven best practice to quickly identify gaps and issues that need to be addressed.  

We can work with you to implement these frameworks and bring clarity to your situation. By spotlighting high-priority infrastructure improvements, we help boost performance, resilience and efficiency, delivering tangible commercial benefits.  

Agile and DevOps adoption

Large, complex organisations are inevitably saddled with legacy issues and practices that can hinder progress. Our proprietary DevOps Transformation framework enables us to discover and address the specific challenges facing your business. From here we can devise a strategy to accelerate successful adoption of Agile and DevOps practices.

At the outset, we define what ‘good’ looks like for your organisation. Establishing a clear end goal ensures all stakeholders have a shared vision of what needs to be achieved. This makes it easier to identify and prioritise constraints so activity becomes more focused and purposeful.

Speed, stability and sustainability are critical factors for software delivery in the digital economy. But increasing velocity without compromising service quality can seem an impossible task for traditional enterprises.

Legacy systems, technical debt and a lack of relevant skills are one part of the problem. Wider issues such as data security and compliance can also stall progress.

If this sounds familiar, consider leveraging DevOpsGroup’s Continuous Delivery engineering, training and consultancy services augmented with our best-of-breed CI/CD platforms. It will rapidly enable your teams with Agile and DevOps ways-of-working and tooling to reduce the time it takes to build innovative products and services.​